Remote Managed Service (RMS) Configuration website delivers a digital interface for you to configure and maintain 3rd Generation ONT (Type 300) & Hyperfibre ONT (Type 110) in RGW mode. 

The RMS Configuration website has been developed for the configuration and management of data and/or voice parameters. You will use the tool to update and/or modify the configuration when your ONT is in RGW mode.

This tool allows you to view all the RGW configuration settings in one place which will make its management more efficient and provide an improved customer experience

Your teams will be able to remotely view the service information, and configure (update/modify):

  • Wi-Fi
  • Voice
  • WAN
  • LAN
  • Security
  • Reboot/Reset
    • Reboot RGW remotely
    • Reconfigure Voice Service
    • Reset RGW ONT to factory defaults

We are pleased to confirm the release of API for new Remote Managed Service (RMS) Configuration website that allows you to configure and maintain the 3rd Generation ONT (Type 300) and Hyperfibre ONT (Type 400) in RGW mode. Please refer to the Chorus API development website.

Onboarding training 

If you are interested to learn how RMS Configuration website works, please get in touch through your account manager to organise an onboarding training. You can find a copy of the Remote Managed Service (RMS) onboarding guide

Getting assistance 

We hope you find the new RMS Configuration website simple and easy to use. If you have issues, contact us for ongoing support and issue resolution through our Chorus Support channel 24x7 by calling:

  • 0800 ITCHORUS (0800 48246787) + Option 1

If you have feedback on how we can improve the RMS Configuration website, please let us know by clicking on “provide feedback” button on the website itself. 


emote Managed Service (RMS) Configuration website


Existing Chorus customers, please log in below to access our Remote Managed Service (RMS) Configuration tool.


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