Network Performance

Status and KPIs relating to your Chorus Regional Transport (CRT) services


The Network Performance Portal allows you to view the status and KPIs relating to your Chorus Regional Transport (CRT) services. All KPI information is available to allow for detailed reporting and performance analysis of your network performance.

In the event that there are any service affecting planned or unplanned events, you will have access to diagnosis information, restoration plans and progress updates during the event. This will allow you to better manage customers’ expectations, improve your customer experience and deliver timely communications.

Using the API

We are all seeing a huge increase in the demand for bandwidth and, alongside that, the increasing need for nationwide backhaul. Our Chorus Regional Transport backhaul service, that connects many urban centres and fulfils your optical transport needs, is the key focus for the Network Performance API.

The API will provide you with near real time network visibility and performance reporting to improve customer service and communications. When you build your application with this API you will be provided with near real-time service status and other KPI information, and bandwidth utilisation, updated every 15 minutes.

With the API performance reporting capability can be seamlessly integrated with your internal support systems. This will ensure you have full visibility of your business critical backhaul services and allow you to request bandwidth increases as needed to ensure your network’s stability.



Network Performance

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