Broadband is an essential utility that new homeowners expect to have connected when they move in. When we work with builders and property developers on their new projects we offer our pre-built fibre service where we pre-install fibre in every premise so new occupants can easily connect to our fibre network.

Customers expect to be connected the day they move in, so we’ve launched pre-built fibre to make sure fibre broadband is pre-connected to new premises. Part of our job is working with developers and builders in fibre subdivisions and new property developments to encourage them to have new premises pre-connected for fibre broadband. After all, broadband is one of the essential utilities a new owner will expect to have.

As part of our installation, we will be applying a sticker to the ONT advising the end customer to call their service provider to say they’re fibre ready and need connecting.  

Every week we publish two reports to help you identify new opportunities and deliver a seamless connection experience to end-customers:

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Benefits to retail service providers

  • A better experience for your customers: the premise is ready for broadband connection as soon as your customer moves in. No technician visits needed as fibre is already installed. All they’ll need to do is order a fibre plan and plug in the modem.
  • New opportunity: property developers can market and sell their new development as ‘fibre ready’ and you can enjoy increased revenue from early connection.
  • Incentivised service: currently we offer our pre-built fibre service for free with every new property development contract with Chorus.

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