Our ‘New property development PBF Pre-ONT installation’ report provides you with information about the expected fibre build completion date for addresses within new property developments.

This gives you an opportunity to work better with developers to ensure these addresses are connected to our fibre network as quickly as possible, making for a great experience for your customers.

This report:

  • includes addresses with two or more months to run until build completion (i.e. addresses where build completion is anticipated within two months will not be included in this report)
  • is available to all broadband providers
  • is updated on a weekly basis.

The report includes the following information:

Information Explanation
Development Address Original development address as notified to Chorus
Anticipated Ready for Service Date This is the estimated date for build completion (i.e. the date from which an order may be placed at an address). This date may change for a number of reasons including due to developer delays or build issues.  In addition, an address included in the current version of the report may be removed from subsequent report updates if the Anticipated Ready for Service Date is delayed by a considerable period.
TLC The Location Code – a unique identifier
SAM Service Address Master
Formatted Address Addresses within the footprint of the original development area.  These are updated as the Council assign the address in our network system
Region The wider geographic area in which the development is located


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