Updated pack for February 2022 Portal and B2B changes

We recently sent out the official change notification for the February 2022 release with all associated changes in accompanying system change and operational packs. 


Updated technical pack 

Thank you to those of you that have provided feedback. We have taken this on board and are re-issuing the system change pack with additional information and answers to the questions that you have asked (See 'resources' below. Please ensure you are signed in to access the pack). Any changes from the original pack have been denoted with a drawing pin icon to make it easy to identify updates. 


Renumbering the Hyperfibre ONT 

In working through the development required for this we have also had to amend our plan slightly to include the renumbering of the Hyperfibre ONT from Type 10G 400 to Type 110 in preparation for the 4th Gen ONT introduction. This will go in on to production on the same date as the rest of the changes. Details of this change are on slide 14 of the system changes pack. 


Revised EMMA and production dates 

We’ve also had to delay the EMMA deployment dates of the rest of the changes. These new dates can be found on slide 2 of the pack. 

Please note that we have also moved the production date out slightly to 20 February 2022. 



These initiatives are currently going through our final internal approval process, which we expect to be completed very shortly. If you have any questions, want to express interest or give feedback, please reach out through your account team.