Trialling diagnosis driven DLM

We’re proposing to optimise ADSL lines, via diagnosis driven Dynamic Line Management.

What's happening?

In August (Informer 385) we proposed to add Dynamic Line Management to ADSL lines. We’ve discussed this change with the TCF, and have now made changes to the trial as a result of your feedback.

What's the detail?

Following feedback we've made two changes to the project. This was to trial diagnosis driven DLM, on ADSLlines with interleaving high or medium.

  1. We’ll also apply diagnosis driven Dynamic Line Management to those connections with interleaving off or interleaving low (like gamers). Please note that it will not change interleaving setting, just the noise margin for these lines in trial.
  2. We’ll upgrade VDSL lines in the trial from the current Dynamic Line Management to the new diagnosis driven version.

Testing We plan to start testing on active ADSL lines in Ethernet DSLAMs, in the Wairarapa this week. It will cover Carterton, Greytown, Featherston, Pirinoa, Gladstone and Martinborough exchange areas. The testing won’t require an outage for your ADSL customers, but VDSL lines in week 4 of the trial will see a 5~10 minute break in the middle of night.

Next steps The testing is scheduled to start this week, with migration in the new year. This is subject to an industry review of trial results through the TCF. We’ll provide a list of your connection ASIDs involved in the testing, via your service delivery manager.

Who do I contact?

For more information please contact your service delivery manager or TCF representative.