Adding Dynamic Line Management to Ethernet-based ADSL

From 3 April 2017, Dynamic Line Management (DLM) will optimise both ADSL and VDSL lines to give your customers better speeds and improve stability.

What’s changing We want New Zealanders on the best broadband possible. It’s why we started trialling an upgrade to DLM last year. After successful trials and consulting through the TCF, we’re rolling DLM to all ADSL and upgrading the DLM already on VDSL lines, on Ethernet DSLAMs.

Supporting details When DLM is applied, it closely monitors the performance of a line and automatically varies the line settings for optimal speed and stability. It then continues to adapt and improve, as the condition of the line changes due to things like electrical noise, changes in house wiring or copper plant enhancements.

We tested the upgrade to DLM on active ADSL / VDSL lines, on Ethernet DSLAMs in the Wairarapa. On average, all lines experienced a 12% increase in download speeds, while VDSL upload speeds increased by 40%. The stability of ADSL lines was unchanged, while the number of unstable VDSL lines halved.

Next steps

We’ve discussed the results of the trial with the TCF, and now plan to roll out the DLM upgrade to all Ethernet DSLAMs. The timings are:

Date Volume Impact
3 & 5 April 100,000 ADSL lines per day no break in service
7 April – 1 am Preparation for VDSL lines in Kapiti a restart (5 minute outage)
7 April 100,000 ADSL lines and VDSL lines in Kapiti no break in service
26 & 28 April  100,000 ADSL line per day no break in service
29 April – 1 am Preparation for all VDSL lines excluding Kapiti a restart (5 minute outage)
1,3 & 5 May 100,000 ADSL & VDSL lines per day no break in service


You’ll receive planned outage notifications of the upgrade. Once upgraded, DLM will then optimise the lines over the following 7 days. We’re in the process of updating the dynamic line management documentation on our website. Please contact your service delivery manager if you have any queries or feedback.