Register for Updates before 31 March

We're refreshing the way we communicate with you. As Informers end on 31 March, Updates will replace them from April onward.

What’s happening? Even if you’re subscribed to Informers, you’ll need to register for Updates. When you complete the registration form, you can select the kind of Updates most relevant to you. Choose from:

  1. News – general Chorus news, media releases, blogs, events
  2. Marketing and insights – upcoming marketing campaigns and latest market research
  3. Products and services – product launches, price changes, service updates
  4. Network and operations – changes/upgrades to the network 
  5. Tools and support – ordering, billing and faults information

Make sure you register for Updates today, to avoid missing important information from us. Register yourself here.

Who do I contact? Please contact your service delivery manager or account manager with any queries or feedback.