Transfer Order Trial results and next steps

We are sharing final results for the Transfer Order Trial which commenced 14 May and ran through to 18 July. Note that while the trial data capture period ended on 18 July, validation of the Losing Service Provider (LSP) name remained toggled off after this point as agreed through the industry check-in.

While final results did not show an increase in reversed transfer orders throughout the duration of the trial, verbatim feedback from the industry overall highlighted that LSP validation being toggled off posed a risk, particularly for business and education orders, which outweighed the benefits of this feature being toggled off.

Consequently, moving forward we will be toggling LSP name validation back on.

We are currently confirming the date for this toggling and we will communicate this next week. We are also working with our development team to determine the feasibility of retaining LSP validation for Transfer orders against ONTs with an active Business or Education connection, whilst enabling LSP validation to be toggled off for Residential orders. We will keep you posted as this option is investigated.

Full trial results can be found in the supporting document under 'resources' below.



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