Chorus Portal changes and transfer order trial

In May 2021, we’ll be making changes to support further improvements to the Connect & Replace order as well as starting a trial for Transfer orders aimed at simplifying work for you.

Improvements to the 'Connect & Replace' order

In September 2020 we shared with you several proposed changes to improve the Connect and Replace order, thank you for all your feedback and suggestions. Having considered all the feedback and the intricacies involved, we now have a ‘new and improved’ process to deliver in May 2021.

Examples of the updated XML are included as an appendix on the last page of the linked supporting system and technology pack.

As there are several associated changes being implemented, we have broken these down and included a process flow outlining how the changes for the Connect & Replace order will be made (slides 9 & 10 in the supporting pack).

Transfer order trial

During consultation concerns were raised about the difficulty of identifying the 'Losing Service Provider' (LSP) name as recorded in Chorus systems, especially if resellers or multiple sub brands were involved.

In May 2021, Chorus will trial improvements to 'Transfer Order' usability.

The trial will see the removal of the validation of LSP name for 'Transfer Primary' and 'Transfer Secondary' orders. For the trial, the 'Losing Service Provider' name field must still be completed, but Chorus will not validate if the content is correct.

The trial will run for four weeks between 14 May and 11 June 2021. Midway through the trial (31 May) we will provide preliminary results and determine with RSPs whether the change should remain beyond 11 June.

Full results of the trial will then be communicated in July, before a final decision is made on whether to adopt changes permanently.

Next steps & contact

The B2B changes will be visible in EMMA for your testing prior to launch, targeting 30 March 2021.

The changes will apply in production, targeting 14 May 2021.