Thanks for your feedback on the naming of our Gig product

Update: Thanks for your feedback on the naming of our Gig product
In our previous update we made mention of the Commissions’ Retail Service Quality Code. The reference of it being a ‘code’ was incorrect and there is no indication that this will be the outcome of the Commission’s work.

We really appreciate you providing feedback on our Gig product naming. The activity we create needs to support the retail eco-system - better understanding your needs and considerations is vital to us creating successful activity.

Alongside our industry consultation, we have been mindful of the Commerce Commission’s own consultation on retail service quality (RSQ), for which public submissions closed on 31 July 2019. 

Themes of the feedback

Overall we had a varied response:

  • With most saying that Fibre 900 made the most logical sense in the current marketplace where there is little alignment.
  • Others thought that it should be called the Gig.
  • But many indicated that they were nervous about speed representations given the uncertainty around the outcomes of the Commission’s RSQ work. 
Moving forward

With the outcomes of the RSQ work stream still to be defined we felt that was best to wait and understand the implications of this before making any changes to our product names. However we want to maintain dialogue on the subject and will look to consult further when we have more clarity.

In the meantime we are still going to be releasing our planned Gig campaign on 19 August. In this we will be using a more generic and universally aligned phrase for the call-to-action.

‘Families need family-size broadband. Ask for the fastest fibre.’

We will be using ‘Ask for the fastest fibre’ across all creative assets and our website – you can view the final TVC and outdoor here.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide feedback.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kate Murchison.