Chorus Portal system changes – B2B

As communicated earlier this year, in preparation of the launch of our fibre unbundling product (PONFAS – Passive Optical Network Fibre Access Service) in January 2020, we will be introducing a number of minor changes to the Chorus Portal - B2B.

We have developed a  briefing pack in which we have outlined changes related to B2B. Please note that these changes will only be introduced at the launch of unbundled fibre products.

What’s the detail?

The B2B web services associated with the PONFAS distribution product will work in the same way as layer 2 bitstream products.

The briefing pack outlines the changes that will be made to support PONFAS distribution. Examples of the updated XML are included in the appendix.

We are looking to put these changes in production on 9 November. However, changes will be visible in EMMA from 17 September.

The changes are designed not to impact any current ordering processes for existing products but if they do impact your processes please get in touch. 


For any queries please contact your Service Delivery Manager.