Chorus Portal system changes

In preparation of the launch of our fibre unbundling product (PONFAS – Passive Optical Network Fibre Access Service) in January 2020, we will be introducing a number of minor changes to the Chorus Portal. B2B changes will not be introduced until later in the year. It will enable you to order new unbundled fibre products, services and offers next year.

In addition to the changes being implemented to support a Chorus un-bundled fibre product, we are making improvements to the operational hours that a timed order (no site visit required) can be requested for all Bitstream products. This will be available for B2B users this year and you can see further detail in the Unbundling Briefing Pack.  

Supporting details

Please have a look at the unbundling briefing pack for more information on the upcoming Portal system changes.

We need you to validate that these changes we will be introducing will not impact your current fibre ordering processes.

More details will be shared with you as we progress with the changes that we are targeting to be effective from 6 July 2019.

For any queries, please contact your Service Delivery Manager.