Consumer Product Consultation - phase one update

Thank you for your feedback on RGW Wi-Fi, Flexible Broadband and Real Time Activation product ideas


In June, we invited you to our fibre lab in Auckland to share our current thinking on some of the product ideas and at the same time we have asked you for your feedback on these ideas.

We are busy collating and analysing all the feedback at the moment, but in the meantime here is a summary of the key feedback:

  • RGW Wi-Fi – strong response and worthy of further exploration. We will be sharing more information on what's next soon, watch this space
  • Flexible Broadband – mixed response and more thinking is required on potential use cases and the real value proposition
  • Real Time Activation – a win/win if we can reduce the barriers to activate an intact connection in a timely manner

What’s happening

We are in the process of collating and analysing all your feedback.  Our next step will be to business case some of these ideas and publish a roadmap that is confirmed.

Next steps

We will be sharing on what’s next with RGW Wi-Fi soon.

We plan to publish a full consumer delivery roadmap that articulates our next steps in September.


For any queries please contact your account team.