NEW - Chorus Regional Transport Term Discount offer

We’re currently seeing bandwidth demand growing like never before. That’s why we’re introducing the Chorus Regional Transport (CRT) Term Discount offer. We want to help you grow your network and support the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements of your customers.

What’s happening

The CRT Term Discount offer makes 24 and 36-month term discounts available on monthly rental charges for new, or existing, CRT 100Gbps bandwidth managed circuits.

This offer provides you with improved pricing and is designed to support you in taking new backhaul links to deliver improved capacity and performance on your network.

What’re the details

Under the offer, term discounts will be made available on monthly rental charges on CRT 100Gbps bandwidth managed circuits as set out below:

  • New CRT 100Gbps, or
  • Existing CRT 100Gbps not currently subject to a term, and

between UFB POIs for which a Chorus Customer Solutions final proposal agreement has been completed for a 24 or 36-month term. The following 24 and 36-month term discounts will be made available to qualifying circuits:


24 Month Term

36 Month Term


40% discount

50% discount


The offer is available to sign up for from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020.

All other charges will continue to apply to qualifying CRT circuits including any new connection charges, including for speed upgrades which are fulfilled by ordering a new service and relinquishing the existing service.

No new connection charge will apply to existing qualifying 100Gbps services.

100Gbps was introduced into the market in 2017 but is not available on all links. Please contact the Solutions Consulting team to confirm availability.

CRT monthly rental charges are Price on Application. Both open term and term discounted CRT monthly rental charges services are calculated priced on a minimum distance basis. Please talk to your Solutions Consultant for details.  


Please refer to the offer page for full details.

Next steps

You’ll need to sign up to participate in the offer so please contact your Account Lead who can provide you an addressed copy of the terms. You can also refer to the offer letter


For any queries, or to sign up, please contact your Account Lead. For queries about any specific backhaul requirements please contact our Solutions Consulting team.