Designed to support you in taking new backhaul links to provide improved capacity and performance.

We’re currently seeing bandwidth demand growing like never before. That’s why we’re introducing the Chorus Regional Transport (CRT) Term Discount offer. We want to help you grow your network and support the ever increasing bandwidth requirements of your customers.

The CRT Term Discount offer makes 24 and 36 month term discounts available on monthly rental charges for new, or existing, CRT 100Gbps bandwidth managed services. This offer provides you with improved pricing and is designed to support you in taking new backhaul links to deliver improved capacity and performance on your network.

Term Discounts

  • A discount will be available on:
    • new CRT 100Gbps bandwidth managed circuits; or
    • existing CRT 100Gbps bandwidth managed circuits

between UFB POIs for which a Chorus Customer Solutions final proposal agreement has been completed for a 24 or 36 month terms after the commencement date and before the termination date.

Note: 100Gbps was introduced into the market in 2017 but is not available on all links. Please contact your Chorus  Solutions Consulting team to confirm availability.

  • The term discounts on the qualifying CRT circuits monthly rental charges are:
  24 month term 36 month term
CRT 100Mbps 40% discount 50% discount 

Please contact your Chorus Solutions Consulting team to request a new connection, or change from existing open term to 24 or 36 month term qualifying CRT circuits under this offer.

Other than the discount on the monthly rental charges for qualifying CRT bandwidth managed circuits, no other charges are waived. For new connections, Chorus will need to install a new CRT 100Gbps bandwidth managed circuit and a new connection charge will apply.

You’ll need to repay any term discount you have received on a qualifying CRT circuit under this offer if you relinquish that circuit before the end of the relevant 24 or 36 month agreed term. See the offer letter for details.

At the completion of the term standard non-discounted pricing will resume, however we will be further reviewing our standard pricing during this time to remain competitive. 

The Chorus Regional Transport Term Discount offer runs from 1 September 2019 until 31 August 2020. You can sign up to the offer at any time during that period to participate.


  • 50% discount for 36 month term
  • 40% discount for 24 month term
  • Supporting your increasing backhaul bandwidth requirements
  • Improved monthly rentals for 24 and 36 month terms

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