Future products - discovery & consultation begins for phase I products

In May, we summarised your feedback on our future products/services and committed to launch a discovery and further consultation on some of the more popular ideas. 

Phase I discovery & consultation begins now on the following ideas:

  • Flexible broadband – a customer should be able to choose when they can activate broadband at a time. Useful in baches/holiday areas
  • RGW WiFi – RSP’s can connect customers to fibre without sending them a modem which could save on cost and reduces complexity long term.
  • Real time activation - consumers can use WiFi to get fibre broadband immediately when there is intact fibre at the property

We would like to invite you to our fibre lab where we are keen to:

  • Demonstrate some of the core features of our product
  • Validate our draft user stories
  • Share our thinking on products/propositions to address the needs created by these user stories

Next steps

In order to cover off all the topics we require four hours of your time.

We would like to hear from you to book a day and a time that suits you between 1 to 12 July 2019.

Profile of the recommended participants:

  • Product owners/managers
  • Product development
  • Provisioning & Assure leads
  • Owners of CPE logistics


Get in touch with your Account Manager to organise a session at the fibre lab in Auckland.