Consultation on Multicast service

We want to understand your interest and appetite in consuming multicast services into the future. 

What’s happening

On 22 May 2014 we launched a multicast pricing promotion that is set to expire on 31 December 2019. We are keen to understand your interest and appetite in consuming this service going forward to help us review the current pricing promotion.

What’s the details

Multicast is a simple GPON solution that provides service providers with the ability to distribute media streams to multiple end users simultaneously.

It can be combined with NGA Evolve and NGA Voice such that, when combined with the service provider’s own services and content, enables service providers to offer broadcasting solutions over the Chorus NGA network.

We want to hear from you to understand the demand for this service going forward.

Next steps

If you are interested, please talk to your account manager to let them know of your interest in multicast going forward.


For any queries please contact your account team.