Single sign-on: service provider, events management and network performance websites

In September, we communicated that Chorus would be looking to move to the Single Sign on authentication method for accessing Chorus websites and tools for our Retail Service Providers and Service Company users. This means that these user groups will be moving onto Microsoft Azure which changes how you log into several Chorus websites/tools. 

This does not impact users who access Chorus websites outside of the retail service provider and service company user groups, who continue to log on as they do today.


What’s happening

Last year, Chorus implemented Microsoft Azure as our Access and Identity Management system of choice and have been slowly moving users across to this method of authentication.

As the Chorus Service Provider website ( caters for users wider than service providers and service companies then the current login system will remain for this website, however the option to login with Azure will be presented to allow those users that have already migrated to this authentication method to utilize it.


Date Azure is enabled

Login method

Service Provider website

10 November

Legacy and Azure

Network Events

10 December

Azure only

Network Performance

10 December

Azure only


As Network Events and Network Performance are for the use of retails service providers only, both sites’ authentication will move to using Azure on 10 December. There will be no alternative login method for these two websites.

We will also be updating Chorus Activate which will give your Administration Users the ability to Add/Delete or Modify Users for your organisation.


Next steps and contacts


From 10 November, users will be presented with a new login screen when accessing the Chorus Service Provider site. This will give you a choice to use the Azure login or the original login.


From 10 December, users of the Network Events and Network Performance websites will only be able to log in with their Azure credentials.   

Please ensure you have communicated this change to your operational teams who use the Chorus Service Provider website, Chorus Network events site and the Chorus Network Performance site.


  • Please refer to this page if you want more details about single-on
  • Please contact your Service Delivery Manager if you have any further questions.
  • If you need any support, please get in touch with the Chorus Implementation Team.