Chorus Portal and B2B changes - February 2021

As you may probably know from our RGW ONT release update, we have been working towards developing (and co-developing with you) a product that can take advantage of the layer 3 capabilities of the 3rd Generation and Hyperfibre ONTs. System changes will be required to support the RGW ONT full release, as well as some enhancements to the intact connection process.


What’s happening

We have 3 projects lined up for this release of Chorus Portal and B2b enhancements:

Project name

High level overview of what's changing


Our new product that takes advantage of the RGW and Wi-Fi capability of select ONTs.

Multi CLNE

This release will include a feature called ‘resource exhaustion’. This adds rules around how many available ports are on an ONT and when there are no available ports. This will also see the removal of the fictitious service on the 2nd ATA on a 3rd Generation ONT.


Reduced lead time on remote connections and intact ONT status.


A detailed pack is available (see resource section) outlining system and operational changes that we need you to be aware of, as well as the EMMA and production dates.


Next steps

Please ensure that your developers understand this pack and that any required changes to your systems are done in time to support these new offers and capabilities.

Many thanks in advance for your support.