Hyperfibre is available nationwide in Chorus UFB1 areas



Rather than simply keeping up with the ever-growing demand for data, here at Chorus we strive to stay well ahead of the curve. As part of staying ahead of it, we’re delighted to announce that Chorus’ next generation of fibre, Hyperfibre is available nationwide*. Hyperfibre is a game changer for fast broadband in New Zealand and will dramatically increase online capacity and unlock exponential speeds.

* Actual coverage areas available in Chorus prequal and broadband checker.

Hyperfibre is available in speeds of 2000Mbps and 4000Mbps for consumers, businesses and education sectors. The planned services are symmetric, providing identical speeds for both download and upload.

For more information on the suite of products & pricing of our first Hyperfibre release please click on the links below:

Promotional offers

To encourage early adoption of high-speed plans, we’ll discount our planned $399 upgrade fee by $199 on all Hyperfibre plans until 30 June 2021. Check the Hyperfibre offer page for more information.

In addition to this installation offer, those of you that are signed up to our Mix It Up offer can receive incentive payments on new connections and upgrades to Hyperfibre Home 2000 ($200) & Hyperfibre Home 4000 ($300) – plus any bonus credits available under that offer.

Those of you who are signed up to our BOOM offers can receive incentive payments on new connections and upgrades to Hyperfibre Small Business (Bitstream 2) which are eligible for large credits under the Small Business BOOM offer (Hyberfibre Small Business 2000 = $200 and Hyperfibre Small Business 4000 = $300 + kicker). Hyperfibre Business (Bitstream 3) plans are likewise eligible under Business BOOM offer ($500 + kicker for orders in 2020).

Next steps & contact

If you are interested in consuming Hyperfibre, please get in touch with your Account Manager.