RSP consumer incentives January – June 2022  

We want all New Zealanders to have the best possible broadband experience. Time and time again fibre has proven itself to perform head and shoulders above alternate technology and so we are focused on encouraging the 34% of households not currently on it to upgrade. 


What’s on offer?

The following offers will run between 1 January and 30 June 2022:


1. Mix it Up 

Mix it Up has been offered in various iterations and we believe it has a positive impact on driving incremental fibre connections. We’re extending it and making a few changes from 1 January 2022: 

  • We’ve removed the marketing plan eligibility requirement, and there’ll be no maximum cap on credits you can earn.
  • The minimum speed for eligibility is now our boosted 300Mbps plan and you’ll need to show us in the first quarter that you’re passing that though to consumers.
  • Each New-to-Chorus-fibre connection of 300 Mbps will receive $60, and  faster speeds will also earn the relevant speed upgrade credits.  
  • Each existing-connection speed upgrade to Gig or above will receive $80, $95, $200 or $300 depending on how high up the speed ladder they go. 

This table shows what’s eligible for credits, plus the amounts and relevant thresholds. As with previous offers, you’ll need to have a total order mix that meets the quarterly thresholds outlined in the table.


Mix it Up consumer credits 1 January - 30 June 2022


200Mbps plans

As you know, these were recently boosted to Gig speed. We have included them in the Gig threshold counts for the Oct–Dec 2021 quarter. For completeness, under this extended offer no credits would be payable for moving from 200Mbps to either the 300Mbps (as this would be a speed downgrade and may incur a clawback) or the Gig plans (as there is no speed change).  

Offer terms

We’re currently refreshing these and will make them available to you in mid-November. You’ll need to sign and return these updated terms by 22 December 2021 to participate in the offer between 1 January and 30 June 2022.


2. Hyperfibre Installation offer

Hyperfibre is growing and we will continue to support early adopters by extending our install offer. You will receive a $199 credit on the upgrade fee for qualifying connections until 30 June 2022.  You can take advantage of this offer in conjunction with other incentives such as Mix it Up, and the ADVANTAGE offer for business connections.



For any queries please contact your account team.