New transition offer for MOE Covid-19 qualifying connections

We’ve created a $240 credit offer to support the transition of MOE qualifying connections to an affordable ongoing product.

Through our MOE Covid-19 Support Package, we have been working with you to provide students identified by MOE with a free connection to support distance learning. Our current offer period ends on 31 March 2021.

To support you in transitioning these addresses to an ongoing affordable solution, we are providing a $240 one-off credit for all qualifying MOE connections that are maintained beyond April 2021, and which are charged at a retail price point of $50 (incl. GST) or less.

Whether or not you intend to take advantage of this offer, you will need to let us know which services you intend to continue with beyond the end of our current offer period. Please read on for more detail on this.

  • If you wish to participate in this offer, you will need to sign our offer letter and accept the relevant terms. We’ll then work with you on a transition plan for any customers who with to maintain the service.
  • If you do not wish to participate, we would still like to work with you on the next steps for connections you’ve provisioned under the MOE arrangement. We will be treating April 2021 as a “transition month” where you will be able to cancel these connections to avoid any wholesale charges.

Please contact your Account Team or Nick Jensen in the first instance to obtain the offer letter and discuss next steps.