Launching COVID-19 MOE support package offer

Further to our announcement on 1 April 2020, COVID-19 MOE Support Package offer is now available.

What’s happening

On 1 April 2020, we advised you that we have been working with Ministry of Education (MOE) and Telecommunications Forum (TCF) to help identify households with students that don’t have access to a broadband connection (Chorus, LFC or fixed wireless). We also communicated our intention to provide an offer to support retail service providers who are contracted by MOE to connect these addresses.

Today we are pleased to announce our COVID-19 MOE Support Package offer that will be available from 1 April 2020 to 31 May 2020 (connection period) to activate broadband to qualifying households. Once connected we will provide:

  • broadband access rental subsidy for six months unless disconnected or in the case of Fibre downgraded within the offer period (1 April 2020 to 30 November 2020); and
  • backhaul Tail Extension Services (TES) relating to those connections.

This offer supports the MOE Response - Education Equitable Internet Access at Home programme. Please note that you will need to be contracted by MOE and sign up to our offer to participate.

You’ll find full details of the offer on our offer page including the offer letter for you to perusal.

Next steps & contact

We know that delivering together these connections to students in a matter of weeks will present an operational challenge for our industry. And we are asking for your support in working to do this as efficiently as possible, to manage orders, and particularly around failed installs where technician capacity is limited, to make sure as many students as possible can progress their learnings once term 2 begins.

If you would like to participate to this offer, please sign and return the offer letter by 30 April 2020 and be contracted by MOE.

Please get in touch with your Account team for any queries.