Introducing our API digital channel

We’d like your help to release a new API digital channel in early 2017, and to also prioritise our future API roadmap. Help us shape its direction into an invaluable tool. If you’d like to be involved, let us know ASAP.

What's happening?

We’re developing an API digital channel to provide you better access to our network and support systems. It will allow you to create your own customised apps and give you control over your customers’ user experience.

We’d like to work with two service providers and one service company, between December and February to develop and release our API channel. This first release will focus on fibre and copper test tools.

We also want everyone’s feedback to prioritise future API candidates on our roadmap.

What's the detail?

Our API digital channel is a new and efficient way of monitoring and changing your services. It complements our other digital channels; B2B (used for fulfil) and device management (used for ONT features such as NGA Voice).

We see our API digital channel as a foundation of our 2020 product strategy, and will be a key way for you to interact with our services and systems. Over time it’ll enable our network to be an extension of yours, and our systems to be an extension of your systems / processes.

The API digital channel will also ensure that your information and services are protected from (and are not accessible by) other customers.

Although the launch of Fibre Test Tools’ API is dependent on the app’s launch date, the API is available for limited onboarding tests now, to support app development.

API development

Our API digital channel is built on our new digital experience platform. We require your help to deploy the firstAPI - fibre and copper test tools. This deployment can then be used as a template for deploying future APIs.

As the fibre test APIs have been built, we expect testing to begin quickly, with documentation and mock APIs available in December. Sandbox APIs will be available in January and limited production tests around February. Full scale launch of the initial API is planned for April 2017, subject to the prerequisite performance testing.


We also need your help to define the API roadmap. As APIs are about supporting your services and functions, we need your feedback to ensure it meets your needs.

Who do I contact?

For more information on the API digital channel, see our webpage. A partnering guide will also be available shortly.

If you're interested in participating in the API digital channel’s introduction or would like to feed back on the APIroadmap, please contact your service delivery manager