Geographically Consistent Pricing Update for HSNS Fibre Customers

On 15 September 2021, we gave notice of an adjustment to the prices we charge for HSNS fibre services under the UFB Reference Offer and Wholesale Commercial Services Agreement (WCSA). This was as a result of the Geographically Consistent Pricing (GCP) requirements which come into effect on 1 January 2022. The changes are:  

HSNS Premium:  

  • We are re-pricing all HSNS Premium connections currently priced at CBD, Urban, Metro, C, D & E Access rates to a new “Premium Access Rate”. This is the same as the current UFB rate which is also the lowest Access rate.
  • Bandwidth charges will be set at the lower “UFB” rate only.
  • There is no change to Premium installation pricing charges/structure. 

HSNS Lite Fibre:

  • Currently has 6 Access zones: CBD, Metro, Urban, C, D & E.
  • All HSNS Lite fibre connections will be priced at the current price of access zone C. 
  • Bandwidth charges and installation charges/structure are unchanged. 

Extended Fibre:

  • We are replacing the current extended fibre ‘hop’ structure with a new single ‘Extended Fibre’ monthly charge of $1,425.00, which will only apply to HSNS Fibre connections over 40 kilometres from the Ethernet node.
  • No ‘Extended Fibre’ monthly charges will apply for HSNS Fibre connections up to and including 40 kilometres from the Ethernet node
  • The ‘Extended Fibre’ charge will apply only to HSNS Premium (as Extended Fibre is only available for HSNS Premium).    
  • No current connections in UFB areas will be affected by the ‘Extended Fibre’ charge and a few current connections in non-UFB areas will have price reductions.

HSNS Tail Extension Service (TES): 

  • Steps A & B will be free of charge.
  • All steps outside of steps A and B (currently C-H) will be charged at a single rate per bandwidth.

We are on track to deliver the revised pricing on 1 January 2022 as planned. We’ll take care of all the changes and update pricing and billing to reflect the changes from 1 January 2022.


Here are some things you need to know:  


  • New Product Codes have been created for the new access charges. The latest product catalogue (dated 26 November) shows the new Product Codes with the new prices which become effective from 1 Jan 2022.
  • We will migrate all current HSNS fibre connections to the new GCP Product Codes on 10 December and new pricing will take effect from 1 January 2022. You will see the new pricing taking effect in your December 2021 bill. We’ll do all the work to make it easy for you. 

HSNS Calculator:

  • The HSNS calculator has been given a fresh new look to accommodate these changes. It now has updated with a new, more simplified, layout and includes GCP details for both HSNS Premium and Lite Fibre. The new calculator has just been uploaded to our HSNS Premium and HSNS Lite (Copper & Fibre) pages so you can now check it out prior to Go-Live on 1 January 2022. Until then the current HSNS calculators marked 'as of 1 of October 2021' on the above pages remains the default version and will be replaced by the new one on 1 January 2022.

Contract Terms:

  • The updated HSNS Premium pricing is based on current UFB pricing with the exception of the additional extended fibre charge. We will add a new item to UFB Reference Offer Price List, Bitstream 4 Extended Fibre monthly charge of $1,425.00 for connections more than 40 kilometres from the servicing Ethernet node. NB - this new extended charge is applied on top of UFB pricing for circuits over 40km from the exchange, as a replacement for the current zonal pricing.
  • HSNS Lite Fibre pricing is based on the current non-UFB “C-Zone” pricing so term discounts (5% for 24 months and 15% for 36 months) will continue for existing circuits. These discounts will apply to the new pricing and contract terms honoured. Term discounts can also apply to new circuits from 1 January 2022.   

Should you have any questions, please contact your Chorus account team.