Anchor Voice and Dark Fibre Services


We previously advised you of our plans to launch the new Anchor Bitstream Service from 1 January 2022. 

The new regulatory framework for Fibre Services also requires us to provide an Anchor Voice and Large User Dark Fibre Service (LUDFAS). we will not launch new versions for either of these services, rather we will just amend existing Baseband and DFAS service descriptions so they meet the regulated requirements. 

The Anchor Voice, Anchor Broadband and LUDFAS Service Descriptions, technical details and terms are described in the regulations which are available on the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment website

The updated Baseband and DFAS service descriptions can be found on our website.   

MBIE ran a consultation on Anchor Voice and LUDFAS and we do not intend to run a further consultation with RSPs on the amended service descriptions as these are baked into the regulation and not capable of change.

Please note this will mean there will be no change to the process to order the Anchor Voice and LUDFAS from the first business day in January 2022 and no requirement to onboard for these services, you will simply continue to order the current Baseband and DFAS services. 



If you have any queries, please contact Roxinne McCord or your account team.