2022 CSA Transition


We’ve started a transition process to move from our existing contractual terms for fibre services to new contractual terms. We’re calling these new contractual terms the 2022 CSA.

The impetus for the timing of this transition process is the implementation of a new regulatory model from 1 January 2022. We need to update the existing contract to ensure it is fit for purpose under that new regulatory model. These regulatory updates are essential to this transition process.

As an industry, we now have nearly a decade of experience operating under the existing contract. We want to leverage Chorus and RSP experience to assess whether there is value in broadening the transition scope to address existing contractual challenges.

The focus of this transition will be on fibre services only. Our longer-term intention is to extend the 2022 CSA contractual framework over time to govern all services we provide.

Timeline and approach

October 2020


We’ve completed the Understand phase of the 2022 CSA transition. This phase was about understanding what works well and what does not work well in our current state – from both a Chorus and RSP perspective. We hosted two understand workshops with RSPs on 29 and 30 October. These workshops explored a range of current pain points, and how they show up for RSPs. We then defined which of those pain points are the most important from an RSP perspective through a prioritisation activity. In addition, we’ve run internal workshops to capture the Chorus view on pain points and prioritisation. We used this consolidated information to identify key themes and a priority categorisation of those themes to help us define the transition scope. You can check out more details about the understand outputs - please refer to the resources section.

Nov-December 2020


We have completed the second phase of the 2022 CSA transition, being the ‘design phase’. This phase was about co-designing possible future states for priority issues for us to consider and refine together. We hosted two co-design workshops with RSPs on change (Wednesday 18 November) and end-customer relationships (Monday 7 December). These workshops explored what a potential future state could look like for these areas. As part of the understand phase, we agreed it was not appropriate to progress the following issues via co-design: (1) regulatory changes required in time for 2022 (2) price change mechanics; and (3) liability, security and insurance provisions. Instead, Chorus prepared strawman proposals for RSP consideration. All of the design phase outputs were published Friday 18 December.

Jan-June 2021

Test and learn

We have completed the third phase of the transition, being the ‘test and learn’ phase. This phase is about testing our thinking and assumptions with you and will include drafting and negotiation. In February we received feedback on the design phase outputs. We published a summary of this feedback along with our latest Customer Update (Wednesday 10 March), including a proposal to reconsider the transition scope. Consultation: 27 April - 31 May 2021 - consultation on the draft mark-up of general terms.

Jul 2021 onwards


Consultation (1) Wednesday 7 July 2021- High level summary of feedback shared with industry. (2) Wednesday 4 August 2021- Final mark-up of general terms shared with industry prior to seeking CIP approval. As we get closer to 2022, we’ll work with you to finalise transition to the 2022 CSA.

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