Notice of pricing changes for HSNS fibre to meet Geographically Consistent Pricing requirements - effective 1 January 2022

In August 2021, we asked for your feedback on our proposed adjustment of prices we charge for HSNS fibre services under the UFB Reference Offer and Wholesale Commercial Services Agreement (WCSA). This was as a result of s201 of the Telecommunications Act, which requires Chorus to comply with Geographically Consistent Pricing (GCP)  from 1 January 2022.

We received one piece of feedback during the consultation period, which we have responded to. The feedback doesn’t change our original proposal so allows us to now move forward.

We now give notice that we intend to implement the following changes to HSNS Fibre pricing, effective 1 January 2022.


Changes to HSNS Fibre pricing:  

HSNS Premium:  

  • We are re-pricing all HSNS Premium connections currently priced at CBD, Urban, Metro, C, D & E Access rates to a new “Premium Access Rate”. This is the same as the current UFB rate which is also the lowest Access rate   
  • Bandwidth charges will be set at the lower “UFB” rate only
  • There is no change to Premium installation pricing charges/structure 

HSNS Lite Fibre:

  • Currently has 6 Access zones: CBD, Metro, Urban, C, D & E
  • All HSNS Lite fibre connections will be priced at the current price of access zone C 
  • Bandwidth charges and installation charges/structure are unchanged

Extended Fibre:

  • We are replacing the current extended fibre ‘hop’ structure with a new single ‘Extended Fibre’ monthly charge of $1,425.00, which will only apply to HSNS Fibre connections over 40 kilometres from the Ethernet node
  • For HSNS Fibre connections up to and including 40 kilometres from the Ethernet node no ‘Extended Fibre’ monthly charges will apply
  • The new ‘Extended Fibre’ charge will apply to both HSNS Premium and HSNS Lite Fibre

HSNS Tail Extension Service (TES): 

  • Steps A & B will be free of charge
  • All steps outside of steps A and B (currently C-H) will be charged at a single rate per bandwidth


Pricing summary 

We have summarised the new vs current pricing here:

HSNS Premium 


Access Pricing_HSNS Premium

Bandwidth Pricing_HSNS Premium

*NB – New HSNS Premium Access and Bandwidth prices are based on the current “UFB” pricing and include Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase of 1.052%, which will become effective 1 October 2021.


HSNS Lite Fibre


Access Pricing_HSNS Lite Fibre


Bandwidth Pricing_HSNS Lite Fibre


HSNS Extended Fibre (applies to both Premium and Lite Fibre)


HSNS Extended Fibre_Price Table


HSNS Tail Extension Service


HSNS Tail Extension Service



Should you have any questions, please contact your Chorus Account Manager.