Fibre ‘Mix it up’ offer extending to 30 June 2020

What’s happening

Following our recent customer consultation and with reaching ~14% of new fibre orders now going to the Gig plans, we have decided to continue with our Fibre ‘Mix it up’ offer extending it further to 30 June 2020.  There are some amendments to this extension that will commence from 1 January 2020.

Changes to our Fibre ‘Mix It Up’ offer

We have decided to extend the Fibre ‘Mix it up’ offer again for the remainder of the 2020 financial year. While the current format of the Fibre ‘Mix it up’ offer will remain the same (i.e. you earn credits if you meet eligibility thresholds for both 100M+ and Gig plans), there are a few key changes to the terms of the offer as follows:

  1. All 200M plan upgrades to the Gig will only count toward the threshold measurement (i.e. we won’t pay credits on those upgrades);
  2. Any 30M upgrades to the 100M plans will not be included when measuring the ‘Get to Gig’ threshold; and
  3. There are changes to the credits on existing ‘Get to Gig’ thresholds and we have reduced the highest threshold from 50% to 30%.  We have outlined the changes below:

Mix it up

Our national Gig plan pricing glide path has this plan reducing to $56 from 1 July 2020, providing a great opportunity to further drive Gig adoption.  We have taken this glide path into account when determining the Gig incentives for this extension.

Want to know more?  We have updated our offer letter to show you what has changed for the extended period.

Next steps

If you have already signed up to this offer then you do not need to do anything to continue to participate. If you haven’t already signed up but wish to participate for the extended period, please contact your Account Lead.