Chorus Assurance API – take part in the pilot

Chorus is looking to pilot a critical component of our future API experience. This will enable early access onto the Assurance API.

What’s happening

At the beginning of June, we informed you that we were unable to offer open access to the Chorus Assurance API as we worked through defining the onboarding experience.

We have been exploring how we might improve our test component as part of the API onboarding experience, through using service virtualisation. We would like to pilot this test component with RSPs who are interested in onboarding to the Assurance API.

Support will be provided by the Chorus Assure Channels project as and when required to help support this process.

Next steps and contacts

If you are interested in being part of this pilot, which as a by-product will enable you to onboard to the Chorus Assurance API (before it is officially launched later in the year) then please get in touch with your Service Delivery Manager or Bridget Paviell, Digital Experience Manager by 3 August 2020.