Have your say on our fibre future – next consultation postponed

In April we consulted on investment focus areas for our first regulatory period (RP1) under the new building blocks regulatory model being developed by the Commerce Commission. We had intended to conduct our next round of consultation in August – we want to inform you that this will be postponed until 2021.


What’s happening

From 1 January 2022 we will operate under new regulatory arrangements being developed by the Commerce Commission.  We are working hard to prepare a proposal for network investment and operating costs during our first three-year regulatory period (RP1).

We have completed a first round of consultation, which focused on key decisions regarding our investment direction.  Materials are available on our website here. Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who contributed and prepared submissions. Your insights are helping us to inform our proposal and ensure we deliver the best services for New Zealand. 

In our second round of consultation, our focus will shift to how we best ensure high-quality ongoing engagement, and will include thinking on:

  • input and lessons from the first round
  • processes we could use to inform our RP2 proposal
  • forums or methods of engagement
  • information and analysis
  • engagement topics or focus areas.


We had pencilled in August for our second round of consultation, but we are now planning to defer this until next year (2021). This will allow us (and you) more time and will mean that the consultation will occur alongside the Commission’s evaluation of our proposal, so we’ll all be better informed for the conversation.

Of course we welcome any further feedback in the meantime – as always, you can reach the team through the contact details below.

Next steps & contact

We will be in touch again as we launch our second round of engagement.  In the meantime, please visit our website to learn more, or feel free to get in touch by emailing (or via your Chorus Account Team


We have a created a  dedicated space on the service provider website in which you’ll find all the information and documentation related to this initiative. Add it to your bookmark so you can access it easily.