Chorus and NZIX launch Peering at Mt Eden exchange

Chorus and New Zealand Internet Exchange (NZIX) are soft launching Peering services at Chorus’ Mt Eden exchange from today.


What’s happening?

Peering is fundamental for RSPs, their end customers, and the providers of content that’s viewed and enjoyed every day. Chorus has New Zealand’s largest fibre network, and because you’re already connected to it with your UFB handovers, we decided to make peering even easier for you by working with NZIX. All you have to do is connect to NZIX via your existing UFB handovers – it really is that simple.


What are the details?

You can now peer with NZIX at their Auckland exchange from any fibre handover on the Chorus network. If you already have a Chorus fibre handover at Mt Eden, simply contact NZIX to begin peering. If you have your handover at a different exchange, Chorus has a product called EdgeConnect  which will connect it to Mt Eden to enable you to peer with NZIX.

In the future we plan to work with NZIX and other providers to enable peering at Christchurch, Wellington and potentially other areas too.

There are NZIX and Chorus fees associated with the new Chorus EdgeConnect product. Information regarding charges and recurring fees can be found on our website.



Q. Who do I need to contact, Chorus or New Zealand Internet Exchange?

A. If you already have a UFB handover at Mt Eden (MOD) or you are unsure, contact NZIX in the first instance. If you do not have a UFB handover in Mt Eden and you think you need EdgeConnect, then contact your Chorus account manager or SDM.


Q. Who is New Zealand Internet Exchange?

A. New Zealand Internet Exchange is NZ’s largest and fastest growing Internet Exchange offering peering services. It is a member owned, not-for-profit society that is both carrier neutral and commercially neutral.


Q. I’m using a different peering provider, what do I do?

A. Only NZIX are offering services from Chorus exchanges at this point in time.


Q. How much does it cost?

A. NZIX have prices on their  website. If you have a UFB handover in Mt Eden, you don’t need any other products from Chorus. If you do not have a UFB handover in Mt Eden, you will need to purchase EdgeConnect. Prices and details can be found here.


Next steps & Contact

Find out more about Peering and EdgeConnect or contact your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager.

If you have a Chorus fibre handover at Mt Eden and want to begin peering, contact NZIX here.