Assurance website – new customer enhancement

As part of our ongoing enhancement programme, we made a further change to the Assurance website on Tuesday 10 December. 


We have already released an additional fibre testing capability last month, and in October we deployed an “Events Management” enhancement that correlated faults to known network events on the Chorus network.

Now, so that we can more efficiently fix your faults, you will only have the one option where you run a test and get a Red Fibre State result – you’ll just select “no optical signal”.  This change is based on the outcome of our integrated testing and it’s to help us more quickly do what we need to fix things.  You’ll still have the choice between a few options where you get an Orange Fibre State result.

Please note that we have further releases delivering the additional copper testing capability planned for the New Year (February 2020), and will update you in due course. 



Please contact your Service Delivery Manager if you have any concerns or questions.