Chorus ONT RGW trial & co-development agreement is available

In November, we indicated we would run a co-development programme for the Chorus ONT RGW, including a trial element for service provider employees. We are pleased to confirm that a co-development agreement and further information on how we’ll be approaching that is now available.


What’s happening

We are making three key documents available to you:

  1. Co-development agreement - allows you to sign up for co-development and to participate in the trial.
  2. Co-development collateral - helps you to plan for the co-development approach we are proposing. 
  3. Trial order form - allows you to submit your trial orders when you are ready. 

Next steps

If you have not yet registered interest with your Account Manager, now is the time. If you have already expressed your interest, we will send you a copy of the trial agreement.

We’ll then send you the co-development collateral and trial order form once you have signed the trial agreement.



For any queries please contact your account team.