From 1 July 2023 we’re making it easier for RSPs to provide Hyperfibre capable CPE to their customers

Hyperfibre CPE banner

Hyperfibre customers have told us they need equipment that matches their high expectations. The first gen Hyperfibre ONT was great for helping the first few customers reach hyper-fast speeds, but with Wi-Fi standards improving we think it is time to move onto better things. 

We know that these routers currently run at a high cost, so we are offering $300 to help you provide that Hyper experience to your customers. 

The requirements are as below. The formal offer letter is available (below). 

To qualify for the new Hyperfibre CPE credit you will need to provide your customer with a router compatible with the plan speed you are offering. We are specifying the requirement of an appropriate WAN port as: 

  • Hyperfibre 2000 – At least a 2.5G WAN port 
  • Hyperfibre 4000 – At least a 5G WAN port 
  • Hyperfibre 8000 – At least a 10G WAN port 

We would recommend providing a router with Wi-Fi 6/6E and a multi-gig LAN port, but this is not a requirement 

Orders must be placed in ONT (bridged) mode, not RGW mode.

To ensure end-users are receiving the full Hyperfibre experience supported by this credit you will need to inform us of the CPE you will be supplying, and we will use the MAC address and the WAN port sync rate from our ONT to confirm this CPE is connected.   

The total Hyperfibre credit you can receive for new connections or upgrades is summarised in the table below.

Hyperfibre CPE

*The $199 ONT upgrade offer also applies until 30 September 2023, after which the ONT upgrade fee is proposed to be removed.


  • $300 towards your customers CPE
  • Multi-gig ports make Hyperfibre come to life

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