Calling all price sensitive consumers!

On 1 April 2022 we are launching our new Home Fibre Starter Plan. 

The Home Fibre Starter (HFS) plan provides 50Mbps speeds and is priced at $38.00 for Service provides who sell HFS at (or below) the retail price cap of $60 per month. If the retail price cap exceeds $60 per month the standard 50Mbps price, currently $44.22, will apply.

This new plan is based on the Home Fibre Starter Service Description and forms part of our Home Fibre portfolio. 


How will we know whether you're pricing Home Fibre Starter below the retail price cap? 

We’ll monitor your publicly advertised price for product/s that use Home Fibre Starter as an input. If you have multiple products using 50Mbps services that are priced differently, including over multiple brands, or if it’s not clear which connections are taking the Home Fibre Starter, you will need to provide Chorus reasonable evidence that your Home Fibre Starter connections meet the terms of this offer. 

More detail to explain how this work is provided in the Home Fibre Starter Conditions in the Related Documents section below.


To support our product launch we are also introducing the Home Fibre Starter incentive from 1 April 2022.

How will the incentive work?

You will receive a $75 credit for each eligible connection during the offer period until 31 December 2022.

Credits are only available for:
  1. Connections to the Home Fibre Starter plan; and
  2. New fibre connections. Note – for the purpose of this incentive offer “new fibre connections” means the address has not had an active fibre service for at least 30 days; and
  3. Service Providers advertising the Home Fibre Starter plan at (or below) the retail price cap of $60 per month, including GST (based on a 30 day month); and
  4. Orders received between 1 April and 31 December 2022.

We may require you to repay any credit we have paid to you under this offer on a pro-rata basis for any connection that disconnects or exceeds the retail price cap within 12 months of the date of “service given”. 


Next steps

If you are interested in selling the Home Fibre Starter plan, or earning credits under the Home Fibre Starter Incentive, we’ll need you to sign the Home Fibre Starter Conditions and the Offer letter. Credits will be paid from the date we receive your signed Offer letter. 



Please contact your Account Manager 

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