Calling all price sensitive consumers!

Home Fibre Starter (HFS) provides 50/10Mbps speeds and is currently priced at $35.00 for Service Providers who sell the plan at (or under) the retail price cap of $60 per month (or $14 per week) including GST. If the retail price exceeds $60 per month the standard 50Mbps price, currently $50.43, will apply. 


How will we know whether you're pricing Home Fibre Starter below the retail price cap? 

We’ll monitor your publicly listed price for product/s that use Home Fibre Starter as an input. The retail price cap will be met where a provider’s retail offering is publicly listed at, or below, the retail price cap of $60 per month (or $14 per week) including GST. If a provider does not have a publicly listed price for Home Fibre Starter products the provider will be deemed to not meet the retail price cap – irrespective of the price charged to end customers.   

Where a provider offers Home Fibre Starter as an input for multiple propositions, Chorus will monitor compliance with the cap based upon the provider’s highest publicly listed price. For the avoidance of doubt a “proposition” includes, but is not limited to, data capped and unlimited data plans, as well as bundled and unbundled plans. 

More detail to explain how this work is provided in the Home Fibre Starter Conditions document below.


Next steps

If you are interested in selling the Home Fibre Starter plan we’ll need you to sign the Home Fibre Starter conditions letter prior to onboarding.



Please contact your Chorus account manager.

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