Submit a Business Fibre or Hyperfibre Business marketing plan to be eligible for an additional bonus marketing credit per connection.

We want the best productivity for NZ businesses with fibre, and so we want to encourage our customers to share the Business Fibre and Hyperfibre story with Kiwi organisations. 

Small Business ADVANTAGE and Business ADVANTAGE offers include a ‘marketing bonus credit’. The marketing bonus credit is in addition to the ADVANTAGE offer credits. You will receive a marketing bonus credit where:

  • You submit a marketing plan  promoting Business Fibre and/or Business Hyperfibre to Chorus 10+ working days prior to the commencement of the campaign; and
  • Marketing channels include one or more of the following: digital, TV, radio, out of home (billboard/adshels) and/or door-knocking activity; and 
  • Chorus subsequently approves your marketing plan. 

We will pay a credit on eligible connections for the duration of the marketing campaign – plus for an additional 3 months. Detailed Marketing “Business Fibre” BONUS Credit criteria are listed in the ADVANTAGE Marketing Bonus Credit Application Criteria & Form saved below. 

Eligible connections are those listed below:

Marketing Bonus Credit per Eligible Connection

Bonus Credit $

Evolve SME Max


Small Business Fibre Max


Hyperfibre Small Business 2000


Hyperfibre Small Business 4000


Hyperfibre Small Business 8000


NGA Business (BS3/a)


Hyperfibre Business 2000


Hyperfibre Business 4000


Hyperfibre Business 8000



Hyperfibre ONT credit 

Don’t forget – the Hyperfibre Business credits can also be used with the special Hyperfibre ONT credit which is continuing until 31 December 2021 – that’s an extra $200 off the ONT installation of $399, plus any Business ADVANTAGE credits. 

That could be as much as $1,000 for a Hyperfibre Business 8000 connection with the Business Fibre Marketing BONUS credit ordered before the end of 2021.


How to apply 

It's easy to earn the Business Fibre Marketing BONUS credit with Chorus. Just sign up to the ADVANTAGE Offers for Business Fibre and then submit your marketing plan to this email:

Use the template 'Marketing Bonus Credit Application Criteria & Form' below to submit your application: 

We will come back to you within 5 working days to confirm your eligibility.

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