A consumer 'Basic Fibre' offer for the price seeker segment of the market.

Confirming our consumer Basic Fibre offer has been extended until 31 December 2021

Through this consumer incentive, we aim to address the ‘price seeker’ segment for which the current entry level fibre price of ~$65 may currently be too high. We believe this segment of the market has been impacted over the last 6-months due to the recessionary environment. 

  • Confirmed offer: a one-off credit of $104 with a 24-month clawback pro-rated
  • Eligible consumer product: NGA Evolve 30-10-2.5-2.5 (upscaled to 50-10-2.5-2.5)
  • Promotion period extended until 31 December 2021
  • Eligible transactions: new fibre connections on the Chorus network (including from offnet, copper to fibre upgrades and transfers from other RSPs). Please note that change of address, modification of attributes and downgrades are NOT eligible.
  • Should Chorus increase the wholesale price of the underlying 30Mbps plan it will increase the credits offered under this offer by the same amount provided RSPs maintain the $60 retail price point (incl GST). Not applicable to any other speed plans or offers.


  1. “Stand-alone” retail price capped at $60 per month including GST (or pro-rated equivalent based on a 30-day month) – this cap must remain for as long as participating RSPs are earning credits under this bonus offer
  2. Where an RSP has multiple price points on their NGA Evolve 30-10-2.5-2.5 plans i.e. across different brands or capped vs uncapped Chorus will only pay credits on those plans which retail at $60 per month including GST or less – the onus is on the RSP to prove which NGA Evolve 30-10-2.5-2.5 qualify where this scenario exists
  3. Where a connection is eligible for multiple credits (i.e. Bonus credits and budget fibre) the higher credit value will apply (not both)
  4. Chorus reserves the right to withdraw this offer from market at its sole discretion providing 30-days’ notice
  5. For the avoidance of doubt connections that qualify for the Basic Fibre offer will be counted in the Mix it Up offer threshold calculation (i.e. it will make it harder to reach the 100Mb & gig threshold) but will not earn Mix it Up credits. 

Next Steps:

In order to receive these credits, you’ll need to sign the offer letter and return it to us.  You will be eligible for credits for qualifying connections from the date you confirm acceptance of this offer.

If you’re already signed up to the offer – the Customer Update we provided on the extension of this offer was notice to extend under clause 4 of the terms of the offer.  The new Termination Date under clause 1(b) is 31 December 2021.  The new date by which connections must be enabled in order to qualify for the credit under clause 1(c) is 31 January 2022.

Refer to the Offer letter for full details and conditions.


  • One-off credit of $104
  • 24-month clawback pro-rated

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