Service levels

 Same service levels as NGA Business apply to Hyperfibre Business.


SLA overview NEW

Provisioning targets (Fulfil)Rejection - 4 working hours
 Request acknowledgement - 4 working hours
 Notification of expected service provider - 6 hours of deemed acceptance
 Installation target - meet agreed date
 Confirmation of completion - 4 working hours after service request completed
Faults targets (Assure)Fault report receipt acknowledgement - half an hour
 Notification of expected restoration time - 4 hours
Downtime reported to ChorusBusiness Restore
12AM – 12PMBy 7PM on that day
12PM – 12AM *By midday the following day
 * The 12PM TO 12AM window from the above table consolidates both the ‘By 7pm’ and ‘After 7pm’ windows under the Enterprise Restore SLA’s in the UFB Service Level Terms.
 Notification of completion of service restoration – 4 hours
Billing targets1 working day from when request is closed
Available reporting UFB SLA report (CFH & service provider)
 UFB rebate report (CFH & service provider)
 Customer experience dashboard
Other notesPlanned outage - 5 days’ notice
 Unplanned outage - 2 hours after outage is first noticed
 Rebates apply to provisioning service levels for connections and assure service levels in all areas 

Service hours

Same service hours as UFB products apply to Hyperfibre:

7am-7pm / 7 days a week
24/7 to log incident or remote fixes
FulfilProcessing 8am to 5pm / Mon - Fri