Working together to reduce fibre order cancellations - consultation

We recently reached out to you to highlight the opportunity to significantly reduce cancellations by working together and for the benefit of the industry. We are now sharing our draft policy, high level numbers and how we could collaborate further to reduce cancellations.

What’s the detail?  

There is a high rate of fibre cancellations - 23% in the first six months of 2019. There are many factors that drive cancellations, some of which sit within Chorus. Given the cancellation rate varies between service providers, we believe there is an opportunity for service providers to focus on factors within their control to further reduce cancellations and ensure their customers connect to fibre.

The industry data available below reflects the size of the opportunity that we could work on. It also provides a view of potential order cancellations that would attract a charge under the proposed cancellation policy. The purpose of this consultation is to engage with you and address the cancellation issue together. We also seek your feedback on the draft policy. 

We want the main focus of our engagement with you to be an overall reduction in cancellations and not charging. This is reflected in the low number of proposed chargeable cancellations and the removal of several cancellations categories we may have been able to charge for under the contract.

Outcomes we want to achieve

  1. Work together to target all controllable cancellations
  2. Reduce the level of cancellations, wasted resource and acquisition cost
  3. Introduce a cancellation policy at industry level to gain focus from all service providers on cancellation reduction
  4. Discuss practical application of the cancellation policy and clarity on cancellations that could be chargeable.


Next steps 

We would like to team up with you to create your personalised cancellations improvement plan.

Your account team will be in touch to share your own data and work through the details with you.

Please note that the feedback will close on Monday 30 September


For any queries please contact your account team.