Working to deliver Multiple Primaries


We’re working to deliver Multiple Primaries, which will enable you to seamlessly provision multiple primary services on one ONT, removing many of the current restrictions. This will enable you to provision any NGA service eligible for an ONT, provided there are spare ports that can be assigned to that service.

We’d like to invite you to a consultation session, or to provide your feedback via


The Details

You have been requesting this feature for some time. Multiple Primaries takes advantage of the standard ONT’s multiple Ethernet and ATA ports to allow you to easily add multiple active primary bitstream templates to an ONT.

Although Chorus has supported multiple services on an ONT for some time, the limited templates and complex business rules associated with Secondary Offers have limited their use. Multiple Primaries solves this problem by allowing you to apply multiple instances of current primary templates to an ONT, as long as there are spare ports for these services.

We expect this will deliver an improved customer experience, specifically for example, Connect & Replace scenarios where a customer moving in may need to wait for the existing service to be disconnected, and a Secondary Offer plan may not be fit for purpose.

Multiple Primaries once delivered, will allow you to place an order for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th service on the existing ONT, where:

  1. This order can be any plan otherwise available as the 1st service;
  2. There are sufficient spare ports to complete the order;
  3. This order can be fulfilled with a 1 business hour lead time, in line with the business rules for Intact connections, i.e. remote orders;
  4. Without any requirements to change plan when changes are made to other active services on the ONT.

We will be completing a draft customer journey design shortly and will share this with you once available.

Note that Secondary Offers will continue to be supported but are expected to be used for niche scenarios only.


Next Steps

We’d really appreciate your feedback on what you see as critical for Multiple Primaries and, once available, your feedback on the drafted design. Feedback can be sent to

We will also be holding design walkthroughs and industry consultation sessions to comprehensively review the draft design and provide an opportunity for questions/elaboration. These sessions will be held on Microsoft Teams in early May:

  • Wednesday 5 May, 1pm - 3pm
  • Thursday 6 May, 10am - 12pm

If you would like to attend a consultation session, please register your interest at with the session you would like to attend.



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