NGA Business Premium Product Update

Introducing NGA Business Premium Glass | Available across all UFB regions | NID grandfather notification

We are pleased to announce:

  1. The launch of Next Generation Access (NGA) Business Premium Glass plans; 
  2. Extension of NGA Premium to all UFB regions, including other LFC candidate areas*;
  3. The grandfathering of NGA Business Premium NID plans.


Introducing NGA Business Premium Glass

From 3 June we will be offering NGA Business Premium (aka Enhanced bitstream 4) in a glass only variant. Our new NGA Business Premium glass plans connect directly to your CPE (eg: router) rather than terminating to a Chorus Network Interface Device (NID).

Glass plans:

  • Provide a similar level of functionality, without the need for a NID – therefore reducing the number of ‘points of failure’. 
  • Are ideal where space and/or power is limited – providing a more simple/flexible connection type. 

The new NGA Business Premium Glass plans will be available throughout the entirety of New Zealand’s UFB footprint – including Chorus and other LFC candidate areas. * Some limitations apply.

Available to order from 3 June 2021

From 3 June 2021 you will be able to order NGA Business Premium Glass via the normal Chorus Portal order process.


No change - NGA Business Premium Glass is priced at the same as the current NGA Business Premium. 


NGA Business Premium Geographic Availability

We are also pleased to confirm that we will extend NGA Business Premium availability into LFC candidate areas, effective 3 June 2021. 

Geographic Availability Summary

  • It’s available in Chorus UFB completed areas (please note that property access consent may be required).
  • On application, it will be available in#:
    • UFB areas where Chorus has been awarded UFB but rollout has not been completed;
    • LFC areas where Chorus has not been awarded the UFB contract;*
    • Greenfields fibre sub-divisions

It’s not available anywhere else.

# In some cases additional build charges may apply and will be confirmed following application.

* From 3 June 2021.


NGA Business Premium NID grandfather notice

We are grandfathering the current NGA Business Premium Network Interface Device (NID) variant as our supplier has informed us they are discontinuing manufacture of the Nokia 7210 NID.

Based on existing demand, we estimate our stock of NIDs will support new connections until the end of April 2022 and cover ongoing spare parts needs. We are therefore going to discontinue offering NGA Business Premium NID connections from the middle of April 2022. This means you will no longer be able to order new NGA Business Premium circuits using a NID from 21 April 2022. As a result NGA Business Premium Glass will become the only variant available to order from that date.

We will continue to support existing NGA Business Premium NID connections for the foreseeable future beyond 21 April 2022. More information on this will be published in Q4 2021.


Next steps

From 3 June 2021, NGA Business Premium Glass will be available for ordering and from 21 April 2022 NGA Business Premium NID will no longer be available for ordering.

If you want to find out more or want to know how to order, contact your Chorus Account Manager or your Chorus Service Delivery Manager.  

More information about NGA Business Premium Glass can be found on our service provider website.