We're extending the Transfer Order trial and sharing interim results

Extending the Transfer Order trial

Following positive interim results and industry feedback from the Transfer Order trial, we will be extending the trial past its original end date of 11 June 2021. 

The trial will be extended to 18 July, with an RSP check-in to be held Tuesday 13 July at 10.30am to determine whether the change will be reversed or adopted permanently, based on updated results.

To register for the industry audio being held Tuesday 13 July at 10.30am, email


Interim results for the Transfer Order trial

Interim results showed positive improvements against the baseline measures, notably:

  • Average number of orders submitted per successful transfer reduced from 1.84 to 1.47
  • Transfer reversals were  remained within 0.5% of prior volumes

Full interim results can be found in the supporting document under 'resources' below. 



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