October Assurance change

Since March we have been talking to you about changes to appointment booking in our Assurance channels. We sent out initial updates (see below) and since then, those of you with API system integration have been working on this, and the rest of you have patiently been waiting for this change on 1 October 2022


Appointment booking

This change removes the ASAP option when logging a fault. CSR agents will now confirm the four-hour window in which the tech will arrive with the customer on the phone. This will provide you and your customers with the certainty of a confirmed tech appointment. 

As the timeslots are fixed, there is no ‘overnight’ window. There are two ways in which to get an overnight repair slot, depending on the urgency:  

  1. If you need the repair to be done during a specific overnight outage window, then simply select a daytime window on the day that you would like the tech dispatched and add a note to the problem description to highlight that they want a specific outage window. Chorus will then book the specific timeslot with our service partners. 
  2. If you need a fault fixed urgently overnight outside of the above outage window scenario, then you will need to invoke Critical Response. This process has not changed. 

In the unlikely event that there are no appointments available, then you can submit the fault without an appointment and add a preferred time to the problem report. 

Please keep in mind that fault submissions time out after an hour. We have included a message prompt to let you know when this has happened. 

While this is a low impacting change for customers, it is a significant change for our Service Partners who will be making schedule changes and managing resources to the new schedules windows. The project team (Chorus, Downer and UCG) have looked to mitigate performance impact, however we are anticipating that there may be some unknown impacts as we embed these changes. These will be closely monitored by the project team and we will keep you updated via your account team. 



If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our friendly account team.