New Wireless Colocation product operations manual

In December 2017 we announced the release of our new Wireless Colocation product for review. At the time we provided the new Price List, Service Description, and Special Terms.

The draft Operations Manual is now also available for your review and we invite your feedback on this now. We've also made some small changes to the Price List, Service Description and Special Terms based on initial feedback or omissions. We’re therefore allowing additional time for all final feedback on the new product by 28 February 2018. Please send this feedback directly to the product manager,

We’re planning to have the new Wireless Colocation product available to sign up to in early March 2018 (allowing for any changes resulting from feedback received).

Supporting details

The proposed new Wireless Colocation product details are available under the Resources section on this page.

Summary of Operations Manual changes

  • Application process changes
    • Site Data Pack timeframe reduced from 5 to 3 days
    • Full Site Application timeframe reduced from 20 to 13 days
    • Preliminary Acceptance timeframe reduced from 5 to 3 days
    • Planned Work timeframe increased from 5 to 13 days
  • All work outside customer space within Chorus Exchanges is now undertaken by Chorus
  • Capital Cost Contribution process for Unplanned Maintenance
  • Power standards updated
  • Third party and landowner approval process updated
  • Access Tracks updated
  • Planned Work requirements updated
  • Health and Safety updated

Next steps

We’re asking for final feedback on the Price List, Service Description and Special Terms and Operations Manual by 28 February 2018. Please email feedback to