Broadband Availability API and Address Lookup API launch – release notes

On 15 February 2018 we will launch the Chorus API Channel as well as two API’s ready for use. The Chorus API Channel has been developed to ensure a seamless flow of information between us, our Service Providers and Service Companies. It will offer greater efficiency, automation within operational processes and ultimately improve customer experience.

Our Chorus APIS allow you to retrieve our data with greater ease, accuracy, security and reliability and removes the need to cobble together solutions from various system outputs or screen scrape.

Address Lookup API

The Address Lookup API allows you to search for an address using a postal address string or unique Chorus location identifier to return detailed address information. This can then be used to access up to date Chorus address specific information like Broadband availability and can be integrated directly with your systems.

The Address Lookup API uses New Zealand’s nationally recognised location database. It provides a fully formatted address that is compliant with NZ Post standards and provides mapping coordinates and unique location identifiers.

  • GET addresses – Retrieve list of addresses based on search criteria
  • GET addresses/{id} – Retrieve address data based on plsam, tlc, aid, tui

Broadband Availability API

The Broadband Availability API is a tool for Service Providers that provides clear and accurate information about current, possible and future Chorus Broadband services and their speeds that are available at a particular location.

Whether you are looking at acquiring new customers or upgrading existing ones, understanding the broadband options and speeds available to your customer is a key part of identifying customers and ensuring they get the best possible broadband service.

The Broadband Availability API provides accurate speed predictions and key operational information up front that allows you to manage your customer’s expectations, with the confidence that you can deliver on those promises.

  • GET services/{id} - Retrieve broadband availability information by either plsam or tlc
    • Which services are active Broadband Products currently active at an address. For example an address may have an active VDSL service.
    • Which broadband products are currently available to be provisioned at the address
    • Current and potential speeds that can be achieved for broadband products at an address.
    • The status of the Chorus fibre rollout at the address.
    • The status of the fibre build at the address.
    • The status of any consents required for the fibre build at the address.
    • Details of the network equipment serving the address.
    • The UFB or RBI area which the address falls within

When these APIs become available on 15th February you will also have access to

  • Full developer documentation
  • RAML
  • API Support

Please contact for any support or with any questions or queries. Or if you would like our API team to spend some time with you to learn more, we’re happy to. Feel free to ask your Service Delivery Manager to arrange this.