Multiple Primaries release update


We recently advised that we are introducing a fourth Generation ONT and that this has resulted in a rebalancing of our development pipeline. 

This rebalancing will unfortunately impact the previously advised Multiple Primaries release dates. We are still working through all of the details, but we are now planning to combine most of the Multiple Primaries features into a single February release. 


What’s happening? 

Multiple Primaries is an enhancement to the Chorus Portal/B2B that will allow any voice or compatible bitstream offer to be added to an existing ONT, provided there are sufficient spare resources (e.g. ports) for that service. This has a range of commercial, operational and experience benefits. 

Our original delivery approach was to deliver Multiple Primaries in two stages, with part one in October 2021 and part two in February 2022. Unfortunately, we have had to rebalance our development pipeline and will now be combining these drops into a single February 2022 release. 


The details  

Multiple Primaries is introducing a number of features, as shown below: 

Multiple Primaries Features Table


The key changes are: 

  • Features 1-9 (original target October 2021) are being combined with Features 10-11 and will all be released in February 2022 

  • For feature 2, the Stage 1 default of Yes is no longer required. 

We are currently confirming when we will be able to release the combined COM/B2B schema and EMMA release dates. We will release these as early as practical, with the following target dates: 

  • Combined COM/B2B Schema Early September 2021 

  • EMMA November 2021 


Please note that all the changes specified in the 7 July 2021 pack will be included in this combined COM/B2B schema, except that the default value for the Voice_Required’ field will be “No”. 


Next steps 

You should be aware of the timeline changes and adjust your development resource schedules appropriately. You may want to continue your impact assessment on features 1-9 as specified in the 7 July pack, or wait until the combined COM/B2B Schema pack is released in September. 



For any queries or concerns please contact your account team.