Multi-CLNE capability is coming

Chorus currently installs various types of customer-located network equipment (CLNE) for fibre connections to homes and businesses. Each Chorus CLNE has distinct capabilities and resource capacities. Multi-CLNE capability gives the ability to identify which ONT is at a premise and gives each ONT type a unique template designed specifically for its architecture.

What’s happening

We’ve been meeting with technical teams from RSPs to get some input in to our designs and these consultation sessions are going well. We’ve had some great feedback so far but still have some way to go with adding this functionality to our current systems. These changes will affect the Provisioning Portal, B2B and APIs; giving visibility of ONT models at a premise. You will have access to enriched information about the ONT through these channels on available resources and services, making it possible to have more informed and detailed conversations with your customers.

Next steps

We are currently in the planning stage and will let you know as we progress and when we can confirm delivery timeframes.


If you haven’t been part of one of the consultation sessions yet and would like to be, or if you have any queries please contact your Service Delivery Manager.

You’ll find a copy of this update on the service provider website.